We are creating a fully inclusive entertainment experience around THE BASEMINT GANG that we will collaboratively develop with the help of our community.

This project is a living, breathing exploration of what can collectively create together and we will constantly seek to evolve and improve. We are a collaborative, inclusive, and open-minded team, and will ALWAYS be community-first.

Our project combines creativity and innovation by fusing the following elements:

1) Full-length Story: Our story will be rolled out before mint in episodic shorts that will be distributed on website, twitter, and various other social channels. As we grow our team and community, we will evolve and expand the story and episodes together!

2) Animated & Evolving NFTs:

Our NFTs will be one of the first to have multiple and upgradable animation components for the avatars.

The NFTs will EVOLVE which will unlock new traits, artwork, and utility!

The NFTs will allow participation in a collectible gamification experience built in to play along-side, and INTERACT with the story. Meaning, you will need to strategically collect to win and earn rewards!

Your personal decisions through the game experience will help to effect and evolve the story, game play, and your NFT itself!

3) On-Chain Staking: We will have on-chain staking that will allow your NFTs to EVOLVE. The evolution will unlock traits, utility, and rewards as you stake.

4) Original Music: We have worked with the top musicians in Web3 to create original tracks for the project and will integrate them into the story, the NFTs, and you will have the opportuity EARN the FIRST EVER music soundtrack minted as an NFT.

We have INCREDIBLE talent that collaborated to create the soundtrack, and the music is… FIREEEEE!

5) Gamified Story Experience:

Once the drop happens, the games begin!

We have designed an experience for holders that allow you to participate in the story by embarking on games and challenges that will lead to exciting and meaningful rewards!

Simple. Fun. Engaging. EARN REWARDS.


Did you notice this very IMPORTANT fact?:

YOU OWN YOUR NFT IP, and we will help you monetize it! More on this to come!

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