As a community member of the @BasemintGang, we are going to work with YOU to provide funding, education, mentorship, & connections to help you create your own stories & monetize the BaseMint Gang IP that you own.

What does this mean? Here's a few examples (but not limited to):


Once a quarter, we will have a shark tank-type pitch event. This event will have community members pitch their ideas to the community. The winning pitch will receive funding from The BaseMint Gang as well as guidance and coaching.

The FIRST one is coming up on November 7th, so we suggest you start building your pitches for the community. More details on this soon.


Once a week, on Wednesday evenings, we will host an educational hang in discord led by one of our team members. We will have a variety of topics from story tellling, art and animation creation, leveraging web3 technology, how to create your own project, how to monetize your IP, and much more! We will also hope community members with expertise in certain areas share their knowledge!


We will select members from the community that are active, engaged, and interested to be a part of our mentorship program.

In this program you will get to work directly with our team on idea incubation, and strategy will be provided with resources, tools, and connections to bring your ideas to life.

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